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hearScreen USA™ – a digits-in-noise hearing screening – was successfully developed and validated as a self-screening app on a smartphone using headphones or earphones. hearScreen USA is clinically validated and accurately identifies hearing loss in adults.

It is a mobile application that conducts hearing screening. The screening analyses the person’s ability to perceive speech-in-noise, by presenting 23 sets of US English digit triplets over ever-increasing white noise.. Based on the person’s response, the app automatically generates a hearing score that indicates whether there may be a possible hearing loss.

If the person fails, the app then refers the user to their closest audiologist (registered on our system), using geolocation.

Listening and hearing are related but different. For a message to be “heard” the brain has to pay attention to it, which becomes more difficult as we get older.

At age 45, the average person has no significant age-related hearing problems with either the ears or the brain. However, a 45-year-old who has worked 20 years in hazardous noise may, in fact, have a substantial amount of hearing loss.'

One easy way to determine if a hearing examination is needed is to have a conversation with your wife without distractions (TV, background talking, etc.). If her softly spoken (not whispered) message is not completely understood, it is time for an examination.

Hearing loss often develops gradually and so slowly that one adapts to the change in perception without even noticing. However, once hearing loss crosses the threshold of 40-decibel hearing loss (dB HL), the effect on normal communication is very noticeable. Between 25-dB HL (the upper limit of normal hearing) and 40-dB HL, hearing may indeed seem selective.

The critical variable is whether you experience difficulty hearing or are having increased stress and strain in your daily function. Amplification may simply relieve the strain of hearing.

We suggest that you schedule a follow up consultation with a registered audiologist, using the “Connect” feature in the app, to ensure that you get personalised, professional advice on the status of your hearing.

Audiologist FAQ

At hearScreen USA, we understand that screening is just the first step.

Early consultation with an audiologist is for people concerned about their hearing. We’ve created a referral system that ensures people who fail a hearing screening are connected to their closest audiologist or provided with the option to make an online booking. Individuals who choose to be contacted by an audiologist will have their contact details securely stored on the referral system. Audiologists registered with hearScreen USA receive secure referrals from their area.

You can register as a referral Audiologist on our system here.

hearScreen USA is developed by a digital health company with headquarters in South Africa, called hearX Group, in collaboration with the American Academy of Audiology. hearX Group is not affiliated in any way with hearUSA (previously known as HEARx) in the United States of America. hearX Group is a digital health company with a large product suite focussed on the screening and diagnosis of hearing loss. Our clinically validated products are used in more than 26 countries worldwide.

Referrals are generated to the online Referral Portal, called hearScreen USA. To access this platform, you need login details. Creating a hearX account will give you these login details to access all your referrals.

Yes you can upgrade your subscription at any time via the hearScreen USA Referral portal.

Subscriptions work on a per-location basis, because each pinpointed practice generates referrals to it’s geolocation. You’ll need to add a subscription for each practice you wish to generate referrals to.

hearScreen USA has two subscription models, Basic and Premium. For a Basic subscription there are no recurring annual costs, but a Premium subscription, which includes added benefits like priority listing, broader geolocation and many more, does.


Free to use to all AAA (American Academy of Audiology) members.


AAA (American Academy of Audiology) members get this at a discounted annual cost. *

Non-AAA members pay the standard annual cost.*

Why go Premium?

This way you will rank higher on the list, get referrals more often and from a wider geolocation. It will also allow users to make bookings directly with you via the application.

Visit www.hearscreenusa.com and click on the Audiologist info and sign-up page to see the cost layout.

*These costs recur automatically every year, unless cancelled. For practices signed up pre-launch on October 10 2018, payments will recur on October 9 annually. If subscribed after October 10, 2018, payments will recur on that day annually.

Subscriptions work on a per-location basis, because each pinpointed practice generates referrals to it’s geolocation. You’ll need to add a subscription for each practice you wish to generate referrals to.

If you’re a AAA member, you can choose which of your practices are on Basic, and which practices are on Premium memberships. For non-AAA members there is only one subscription type available.

On the hearScreen USA portal sign in page, there is a “forgot password” link, select this link and it will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

Please send a deactivation request through to info@hearscreenusa.com with your registered email address and accompanying AAA membership number (if applicable). Kindly note that subscription fees (if applicable to your subscription type) are payable upfront and are thus non-refundable.

Unfortunately, no 30-day trials are available, but if you are an AAA member, you can register for a basic subscription, which is free.

The following browsers will be supported:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge (2 most recent versions)
  • Safari (2 most recent major versions)

For bulk subscription purchases of more than 10 practices, please contact info@hearscreenusa.com for more information.

You will be notified via e-mail of any new referrals that are sent to you, so there is no need to be signed in to the cloud portal at all times.

Yes, hearScreen USA portal will be accessible on mobile internet browsers, as well as tablets.

hearScreen USA takes a three-step approach to ensure your data is secure

  • SSL certificate issued to server
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Data backups and encryption

Your new email address can be linked through the “Settings” tab in the hearScreen USA Portal.

Research has shown that response time has a great influence on your ability to successfully convert a lead. Ensure you follow up with potential patients as quickly as possible, as often as needed and as thoroughly as you can.

Here are a few easy tricks to ensure that you get the most value for money for your subscription:

  • Ensure your practice information is always up to date on the portal. This way, potential patients will know the most relevant and accurate information about you and can contact you directly if they wish.
  • Provide feedback on your referrals generated from the application, via the hearScreen USA portal. This could score you a higher ranking as the system will pick up that you provide thorough and frequent feedback
  • Activate your hearDigits subscription (if applicable). hearDigits will generate you even more referrals, directly from your own website. To maximise your impact with hearDigits, run a marketing or a social media campaign to direct traffic to your widget.
  • Upgrade to Premium! This way you will rank higher on the list, get referrals more often and from a wider geolocation. It will also allow users to make bookings directly with you via the application.


Cincinnati Children Hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre

The American English digits used in the application were developed and validated by Cincinnati Children’s Communication Sciences Research Center and are licensed to hearX for use in hearScreen USA. For more information about Cincinnati Children’s, visit their website here: www.cincinnatichildrens.org.

The lead investigator was Dr David Moore, who is also a scientific advisor to the hearX Group

IDA Institute

IDA Institute

The “Why Improve My Hearing?” decision support tool used in the hearScreen USA app is was developed with the Ida Institute based on their original tool. For more information about the Ida Institute and their free online resources for person-centered care visit www.idainstitute.com.

Dr David Moore

Dr David Moore

Dave Moore studies hearing. His primary focus is on children with listening difficulties. The research aims to identify and correct processing problems in the ear and brain that may be risk factors for sub-optimal maturation. Additional current interests include speech hearing across the lifespan, and tele-audiology. Born and educated in Melbourne, Australia, he worked for over 30 years in the UK, first at the University of Oxford, then as Director of the Medical Research Council Institute of Hearing Research in Nottingham. During this time he was a visiting fellow or faculty at the University of California, Irvine, the University of Washington, Seattle, New York University, and Northwestern University. He is currently Director of the Communication Sciences Research Center and the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Professor of Otolaryngology and Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati, and Professor of Auditory Neuroscience at the University of Manchester, UK. In 2015 he received the Career Award in Hearing or Balance of the American Academy of Audiology. In 2016 he delivered the T.S. Littler Lecture to the British Society of Audiology.