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At hearScreen USA, we understand that screening is just the first step. Early consultation with a registered audiologist is essential for persons with suspected hearing loss. We’ve created a referral system that ensures that users who fail a hearing screening can be linked with their closest audiologists, using geolocation. Once a user fails a hearing screening, they receive information about their nearest audiologist. Their information will be pushed to the secure hearScreen USA portal, from which audiologists will be able to ‘claim’ the referrals.

The referral life cycle


User downloads the hearScreen USA app


Hearing screening test


Test results displayed

(Test ends if user passed)


Connect with Audiologist

(If test was failed)


Audiologist actions referral from secure web portal

Users who fail the test are taken to a referral page
where they can select a registered audiologist in their area.

Premium membership features

Premium membership
includes an in-app
Instant Book Feature

Premium members are
given preferential listings

Additional Premium membership features:

  • Referrals from a broader geolocation
  • Higher in-app ranking
  • More frequent listing
  • Receive more referrals
  • Broader geolocation
  • Instant booking (calendar)
  • Expanded profile information

Subscription Options

How does the sign-up work?

From the hearScreen USA website, you’ll be directed to create a hearX account. Once your account is created, you will be directed to the Leads portal. From there, you can sign-up to join the hearScreen USA referral program. You can also sign-up for a web-based hearing screening widget, which will enable you to conduct a digits-in-noise hearing screening from your own website.

Watch our informative video below for a step-by-step guide:

Sycle Practice Management

Seamlessly integrate

Using hearScreen USA’s premium subscription along with your Sycle Practice Management software, users of the app can book directly into your Sycle calendar, instantly.