hearScreen USA
Your 1st step to better hearing.

About the hearScreen USA app

hearScreen USA is a mobile application that conducts hearing screening. The screening analyzes the person’s ability to perceive speech-in-noise. Based on the person’s response, the app automatically generates a hearing score that indicates whether there may be a possible hearing loss. If the person fails, the app then refers the user to their closest audiologist (registered on our system), using geolocation.



Simple & Easy-to-use

Works on Android & iOS devices with any earphones or headphones

3 Minute Screening

3 Minute Screening

Know your hearing score in 3 minutes

Accurate Result

Accurate Result

Clinically validated and published in scientific journals


Personal Profile

Track your hearing ability over time

Link with hearing health provider


Connect to your closest provider based on location


5 FREE hearing screening credits
for everyone in the U.S.A.

Yearly test credits and reminder to track hearing status



Share & challenge friends

Share your score on Facebook & Twitter.
Invite friends to screen their hearing
and view scores on the leader board.