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Your 1st step to better hearing.
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Screen and connect to better hearing,
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Why use the US National hearing screening app?

  • The app provides accurate detection of hearing loss
  • If hearing loss is detected, the app will connect you to a verified audiologist
  • In-app appointments with an audiologist can conveniently be made using the app

How the app works…

Download the hearScreen USA app for FREE.

Click the icons below to be redirected to the Apple App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, search for hearScreen USA in the App Store to download the app.

Complete the test

The app uses digits presented in background noise to allow for accurate detection of hearing loss. The user is presented with a 23-step hearing screening, which can be completed in under 3 minutes.

Get your results & Connect

Once the user has completed the test and a hearing loss is detected, the user will be provided with the option to connect to their closest audiologist (registered on our system), based on their geolocation. Audiologists who receive referrals can follow up with patients for a diagnostic consultation.